The Right Target Demographic

Data capture helps your brand to grow and develop, StreetPR will work with you to devise effective questionnaires and checklists to get the most out of the experience. If needed, we can provide a data input and collation service immediately after the campaign so you can start using and analysing your data straight away.

Surveys might be about changes to community services; reactions to a new product; feedback from a promotional campaign (even those conducted by third parties); public opinions about the brand in general; or specific wants and needs from your target customers.

Data Capture is an efficient way to build your customer database for future marketing, find out who attends your events, and is an opportunity to convert leads into sales.

The Right Staff

Whether it’s a fun survey about flavours and toppings of ice cream, or a more serious campaign such as NHS Chlamydia Awareness which requires diplomacy, sensitivity and tact, you can be assured that we will match the right staff to your campaign, and that we employ staff from a variety of backgrounds in order to reach and interact with any target audience.
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