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Lead Generation is hugely important. In addition to your brand being displayed and discussed, StreetPR staff are collecting fresh customer leads for your in-house team to convert into sales/members/bookings.

We’re flexible and our staff are competent with good old pen and paper, or modern technology like iPads and smartphones. Our follow up services include typing the data up for you on excel, or inputting directly into your system or an online database that we can create specifically for your campaign.

To take it one step further, we have trained follow-up phone staff who can contact leads individually. We train staff specifically for your campaign, and work to targets and commissions, following strict data protection guidelines and ensuring the campaign is on brand.

Full Service Campaigns

Our campaigns with NHS Smokefree started out with lead generation, but after the first campaign, we took over the follow-up phone calls to make bookings for potential quitters. Our staff were trained specifically for the campaign and followed scripts and procedures inline with the in-house Smokefree service. Not only did we increase the booking rate from 29% to more than 50%, we also had a big positive affect on the turn-up rate (fewer “did-not-attends”).
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