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Whether it’s shop drops and postering, door to door flyering, or rush hour at the tube, StreetPR has fully briefed staff at competitive prices!
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From mums to millennials, leafleting is a great way to target your company's demographic. For example, targeting tube stations/travel hubs is ideal for any company aiming to reach working professionals, be it for a bar/restaurant, local event, product or service. You can choose selective leafleting where staff will target specific clientele to ensure your materials get into the right hands. Alternatively, blanket awareness is great when you want to target anyone and everyone! For trackable results, you can code your leaflets to monitor your cost per acquisition. We can also advise you on the best times, locations and schedule to maximise your campaign reach.


Door to door leafleting is great for products and services; online companies; local government and infrastructure notices; new local businesses, and any company who wants to specifically target a particular location. Before the campaign, we plan a route network and assign staff to pinpointed areas. StreetPR uses proven and trustworthy staff who are reliable and take responsibility for their campaigns. We can implement reporting; staff can check in using mobile apps and even be tracked live on the job. We can also do Shop drops as well as University halls drops to target students.

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