Connect with New Customers

Whether it's food samples in a supermarket, giveaways outside a train station, beauty products in a department store, or technical demonstrations at an electronics convention, StreetPR’s staff are there to engage with your customers, explain the features and benefits of your product and entice consumers to try and buy. We know this might be the first interaction this customer has with your brand so we strive to make it a positive one they will remember.

Your sampling activity can take place pretty much anywhere – inside shopping centres, train stations, supermarkets, department stores, conferences and exhibitions, door to door, workplaces, or by roving street teams.

There are many things to consider such as promotional permits/licenses, booking event space, stock quantities, food hygiene certification, and risk assessments, but StreetPR can take care of all that! If you've got that covered, we're happy to be a staffing partner sourcing, briefing and scheduling the most suitable staff members for your campaign.

Capitalise on Sampling

Alongside sampling, we can incorporate lead generation and data capture to capitalise on the activity. Staff complete debriefs to report on customer reactions, sales made, stock-take and general feedback.

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