Beautiful and Bubbly

StreetPR has access to some of the most beautiful talent in the industry, and we know all our models! One of our founders is an ex Select Male Model, and we partner with Student Glamour Awards who scout the UK's most gorgeous students, competing to be on the front of ZOO Magazine and declared the hottest university student in the UK!

Our models are well treated, well respected and enjoy the work they do. Many of our girls regularly appear in men's lifestyle magazines, so for them this is a career and not only something to do in their spare time. They understand they are there to enhance your brand or product and are all experienced and smart enough to truly add the value of beauty to your campaign.

Our promotional models can be assigned to any campaign such as exhibitions, store openings, red carpet events, or anything else you choose, and their role can be anything from posing for photos, to welcoming guests, to demonstrations, sales and lead generation.

Bespoke Service

Once you have decided what you need, we allow you (the client) full specification – hair colour, dress size, looks, skill set, clothing requirements, lipstick colour – you name it, you can specify it! Let us know what you are looking for, we present you with a shortlist, and you can choose the guys and girls that are best suited for your brand. You can then specify exactly what you want them to wear, do and say; or you can give StreetPR the brief and we’ll do the rest.

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