Our Staff

We have a specialist database of over 2500 promotional staff and can supply staff anywhere in the UK. StreetPR was founded in London (many people consider us London experts) but thanks to our network of local city experts we know the streets, hot spots, travel stations and council laws like no one else. We provide promotional staff over a range of disciplines, and always have great team members ready to represent your brand/agency no matter where they are needed in the UK or Ireland.

We handle the booking, management, training and HR of promotional staff so you don't have to: we meet ALL of our staff face to face and every member of our team goes through our standard promotional training program. This makes selecting staff from our database that much more efficient and we can implement campaigns quickly and effectively.

No matter how big or small your promotional needs, we ensure StreetPR staff are on time and up to speed with what you hope to achieve. We have state of the art GPS tracking which we can implement on campaigns from as little as £1 per shift per person.
Team leaders working with StreetPR are experienced staff with a proven track record who have had good feedback from other clients: they are often rewarded with bonuses, based on the success of individual campaigns.

Your Campaign

Many of StreetPR’s clients use us on a regular, ongoing basis, be it one to seven days a week, multiple shifts per day, or one week a month. We constantly work to improve, enhance and maintain these campaigns to keep our clients busy. We also plan well in advance for holidays like Easter and Christmas. Our longest running client has been with us for over 7 years using StreetPR staff 5 days a week with more than 7 staff and a campaign manager each day. As we work so closely with the client we can build in strong target-related payment schemes to incentivise our teams.

You know your industry and brand better than we do, so we listen to each client and work towards specific goals. We have plenty of options, but if you have an idea or you want to get exposure in a way that we don't cover here, then get in contact and have a chat with our experienced campaign builders.

Next time you need Promotional Staff or want to deliver a national promotional/experiential campaign give us a call and let us work together to make your campaign as strong, impressive and successful as imaginable.
Our staff receive detailed briefs before each new campaign which we compile with all our clients in order to outline what we expect from the staff. Daily top-up briefings to ensure staff are performing at 100%. We manage all logistics and campaign reporting and even have a StreetPR van (you may have seen it around the UK!) to ship staff and promotional material from site to site.
We are also MASSIVE technology fans. Advances in technology mean that campaigns can be monitored LIVE! Technology has given us the ability to sign up leads and follow up instantly; immediately introduce new Facebook followers; or demo smartphone or tablet apps. Uniquely, we have our own in-house tech team who can work on bespoke apps for data capture, lead generation etc.
Team leaders take photos of campaigns being carried out, provide on the ground feedback, and we combine this with StreetPR's own random quality control checks and tracking, so clients can be sure each campaign is being carried out to the highest standards, even in their absence.
If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about how we can help your business grow,

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