A Quick History

StreetPR was founded in 2006 to fill the gap in the market that existed for well trained promotional staff and hosts for events.

Our popularity grew fast and soon StreetPR was the biggest individual supplier of staff to London's competitive nightlife industry.

It didn't take long for other industries to take note of how good our staff and campaigns were. StreetPR began supplying promotional staff to gym chains, hotels, restaurants, drinks brands, motorsport events, festivals, exhibitions, network providers, magazines, food wholesalers and shopping centres. Our staff fulfilled a variety of roles such as data capture, lead generation and flyering.

Our Mission

To raise the standards of the staffing industry through consistent training and improving our service. To make our customer service/experience teams the benchmark for the industry and to make our staff something our clients can be proud of.

Integrity Commitment
To listen to our clients’ needs and expertise; learning with each job. To convey what we learn to our staff, managing them to the highest standards. To be open with clients about any challenges faced. To foster long-lasting relationships, built on realistic, accurate targets.
Growth Commitment
StreetPR is dedicated to facilitating our clients’ growth by providing outstanding service. We remain dedicated to helping clients develop and expand into new areas.
Staff Commitment
We love our staffing family. StreetPR HQ is dedicated to making all staff feel part of the team. We love what we do and how we do it. We want our staff and clients to love it too!
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Unit 14, Canonbury Business Centre, 190a New North Road, London, N1 7BJ

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