4 Traits Every Event Management Staff Member Should Have

Experience, stamina and hard work are all excellent qualities in event staff, but you need to delve a bit deeper to find out whether they have the personal traits to really cut it as event management staff.

Great Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively has got to be top of this list. Think about it – the vast range of people you need to engage with means you need to be a great communicator. Those who are natural communicators have a head start in this industry. The event may call for service with a smile, mopping up a flooded kitchen or hosting a children’s gaming competition, all of which will test those communication skills to the brink. If it’s not an innate quality, it will be hard to keep up a smile through tough times.

Communication isn’t just about presentations or talking to customers it’s also important to be able to listen and pick up on non-verbal communication. A great communicator will pick up the signals so that they can resolve issues before they become problems.

Calm Under Pressure

Picture this: the PA system has given up the ghost, the bar has run out of glasses and three staff have phoned in sick, so it’s up to the remaining team to make the event a success for the client. Keeping your head while everything around you is falling apart is essential as a team member if a team is going to deliver a memorable experience in difficult situations.

As with communication, although this is a skill that can be learnt, it’s often something that is innate and is a natural trait and one that is highly desirable in event management staff in Newcastle.


The ability to be flexible and adaptable is linked to the ability to cope with change. Any event will have contingency plans, and when those plans need to be put in place you must be able to react fast. Event management staff in Newcastle could be asked to undertake a range of tasks as part of a team – from promotions to welcoming guests. Being able to switch from one activity to another – perhaps being able to come up with an innovative solution to a problem – is another top trait for a team member.

A Team Player

Not everyone finds it easy to work with others, so when you find people that do it naturally then make sure they want to work with you. In a busy stressful environment an event organiser may not have the time to support or micro-manage every part of the event, so those that can work with others towards the objectives of the team are valued – even more so if they can demonstrate an ability to work independently too.

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