5 Distinctive features of a brand ambassador

In a competitive marketplace, brands are more important than ever. Businesses need to develop strong, consistent brands that their customers feel an affinity with. They need to build brand awareness and recognition within their target audience, to maintain a strong brand with ongoing engagement and then continue to invest in the brand with a programme of targeted, ongoing communications.

So what makes a great brand ambassador? These are five features that all brand ambassadors will possess, regardless of the industry or company type that they promote.

1. Marketing knowledge

Your ambassador will need to have a good knowledge and interest of modern marketing methods, especially face-to-face and digital marketing methods. This will allow them to do their job fully and to focus their efforts towards channels that will reap the best rewards for your brand. This could be at events or via social media channels. Depending on the way that you set the objectives and success criteria of your ambassadors, they will know how to adapt their approach to achieve their goals.

2. A strong online presence

Reach is key here but it doesn’t translate into simple numbers of followers. Success will depend on having ambassadors that can engage online with your target audience and to influence them with their innovative, authentic and branded content that positions your brand in a way that appeals and provides genuine value.

3. Professional

Most brand ambassadors aren’t employed by the company that they represent. But they need to be completely professional and on-message. This means training your ambassadors, offering support, information, insight and other tools that will allow them to do their job.

4. Natural charisma and leadership

The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to effectively recommend your brand and persuade others to check out your products and services. They will influence the way that your potential customers see your brand. These people will be great with other people and excellent communicators, with natural skills in influencing and engaging others. This will make them charismatic leaders.

5. A real passion for relationship building

Your ambassadors will be all about relationship building, especially in B2B markets where the sales cycle is longer and more involved. They will know how to initiate relationships with the right people, how to position your brand within that relationship that is authentic and which provides value to the customer and how to nurture that relationship towards an intended outcome.

In addition to these attributes, the ambassador must also gather customer feedback and provide insight in a way that will allow your company to keep investing in its branded activity and to market and engage with customers in the right way.

Find a brand ambassador with these attributes and your brand and company sales will really feel the benefit, with measurable results that will grow the more that you invest in your brand ambassador, referral and engagement activity.

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