5 Marketing Campaigns You Need For Product Sampling

When you have a new product that you’re ready to launch to market, product sampling is an essential strategy. For consumers to consider a purchase, they need to experience it first-hand. The right product sampling campaign positions the brand in the customer’s mind, gives them a positive impression and allows them to experience the new product for themselves. Ready to give it a go? Here are five essential basic campaigns:

In-store sampling

Every customer loves an in-store sample. Place your stand near an appropriate product category and your audience will already be ‘warm’ and inclined to try an alternative to their usual choice. Timing is key here. too. Product samples before the lunch-run are ideal for snack and lunch items, for example. The right product sampling staff will be ready to encourage buyers to give your product a go and to convince them to purchase the full-size version.

Train station giveaways

Great for busy commuter periods, brands can easily get large volumes of promo size samples out to potential customers at train stations. Again, the right product sampling staff can be ready with uniforms and branded collateral to bring your stand to life. Aim to have a large and colourful stand, with visual branding and digital screens if necessary. Ensure your product sampling reps are visible and ready to answer questions about your product.

Beauty counter demos

A new beauty brand launch demands product demos, especially in the social media era. Have trained brand ambassadors on hand to show how the product creates fresh looks and how it solves your potential customers’ problems. Encourage customers to share selfies of their new look with their network, hashtagging your brand and product for shares and likes.

Viral campaigns

Get online with a digital competition and use the power of referrals to get your brand out to a network. In return for data and addresses, you can then send out product samples with marketing materials to accompany them. Gamification is a great strategy here and you can share branded marketing messages in return for trying a game, sharing entries with friends and referring on leads for product samples in return for data capture.

Essentials for success

Many businesses will use a specialist agency to provide trained and enthusiastic brand ambassadors to provide the right experience. These agencies can deal with all the necessary paperwork, licensing and logistics to arrange the physical sampling space, liaising with retailers, managers and other stakeholders who need to approve approaches. It’s also vital to capture customer data and get your lead generation strategy in place, so that you are getting data in return for handing out freebies. Then you can launch your follow-up campaign with extra incentives such as money-off vouchers to build the product further in your customers’ minds and encourage them to be repeat purchasers over time.

Get your product sampling strategies in place and you’ll see a great ROI and the results that you want for your new B2C product.

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