5 must-have qualities for professional hospitality staff

As a busy, bustling city with many bars, clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes, there’s a great number of opportunities available for hospitality staff in Southampton. With discerning customers including tourists, business people, locals and visitors to the city, it’s vital that those working as hospitality staff in Southampton have a positive, dynamic, professional approach to their work. Here’s a list of the 5 must-have qualities that employers will be looking for.

Excellent people skills

People working in the hospitality sector should be excellent team players, able to work with their colleagues as part of a team. They should also be able to offer excellent communication skills when working with customers, to ensure all guests and customers receive a warm and welcoming reception and their needs are carried out in a timely, professional way with excellent customer service.

Punctual, smart and reliable

Those working in the hospitality sector should be smart and well-presented to make sure that excellent standards of appearance and hygiene are upheld, with particular attention being paid to hygiene requirements for the preparation and handling of food, which may include hair being tidily presented and fastened back if necessary and smart but sensible clothing to allow a professional appearance. Keep in mind that many hours may be spent standing or walking and comfortable clothing and footwear should be worn. Punctuality and reliability is essential so that all members of the team can work together and customers’ needs are met as necessary.


The hours in the hospitality sector can be long, with many positions offering early morning or late-night shifts. Many hospitality positions can be very fast-paced and staff should be able to offer the same level of service to all customers throughout their shift. Sometimes they may have to deal under pressure with difficult situations that may be no fault of their own and they need to stay calm and focused on the matter to resolve it effectively with good customer service.

Dynamic and energetic

As well as being able to stay calm under pressure, hospitality staff should also be able to offer a dynamic and energetic approach to their work, to provide an inviting atmosphere for customers who will enjoy seeing a team of people passionate about the work they do. Excellent people skills are a must for greeting and serving guests, but staff should also be passionate about their work, from being enthusiastic about the establishment itself and its local area to being knowledgeable about the food and drinks on offer, their preparation and presentation. Staff should be able to answer questions that guests may have on menu choices, specific dietary requirements or local tourist destinations or activities.


Hospitality staff should be attentive to all aspects of the venue that may affect a guest’s visit. This can include making sure that everywhere is clean and well-maintained and that any possible issues that may affect a guest’s stay are clearly communicated and inconveniences kept to a minimum wherever possible.

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