5 Reasons to Embrace the Leaflet Distribution Strategy

Leaflet distribution is a tried and tested marketing activity which allows you to directly reach prospective customers and make them aware of your product or service. Despite digital marketing rising in popularity over the last few years, leaflet distribution remains a highly effective tool which, when planned and managed correctly, can generate an excellent ROI.

This article talks you through five important reasons as to why you should be embracing leaflet distribution in 2019 to see how you can implement a strategy which works for your business.

1.      Take advantage of digital fatigue

With a surge in digital marketing, research is showing that consumers are starting to display signs of digital fatigue, with countless emails landing in their inboxes daily. This presents a superb opportunity to stand out from the crowd and increase your brand exposure via the more traditional method of leaflet distribution.

2.      Design attractive marketing materials

Many people still prefer print and if designed to a high standard, leaflets can be extremely engaging. Consumers tend to spend longer reading a leaflet and may even return to it at a later date. A survey conducted by Royal Mail finding that leaflets are usually kept in the home for 38 days on average, compared to emails which are often immediately deleted.

3.      Strengthen your branding

Leaflet distribution in London provides an excellent opportunity to introduce your brand to a large and diverse pool of potential customers. Leaflets are great for strengthening brand awareness and making your brand have Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) amongst your customers. A business could stay in the top of a customer’s mind as a result of delivering leaflets to 20,000 houses every 4-6 weeks, with this being more effective than sending direct mail out to 200,000 people on one occasion.

4.      Elicit a response

Printed leaflets often encourage more engagement and responses from consumers than digital advertising. This can be attributed to the positive emotional reaction to printed mail, which encourages consumers to remember physical ads more clearly. This improves recall when purchasing, with printed mail triggering the area of the brain which is responsible for desirability and value.

5.      Enhance your digital advertising

You don’t have to sacrifice your digital advertising strategy in favour of leaflet distribution. Instead, your leaflets can bridge the gap between print and digital, giving you an opportunity to promote your online channels. You should include your social media channels on your leaflet and also consider including an offer which drives customers to your website.

Ultimately, including leaflet distribution in London and other busy areas as part of your marketing strategy can be an incredibly useful and powerful tool for boosting your sales, brand awareness and standing out from your competitors. With studies showing that printed marketing materials are perceived as being more trustworthy by consumers than digital media, there has never been a better time to start integrating leaflet distribution into your marketing strategy.

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