5 Tips to Improve Traffic to Your Next Trade Show

Standing out is the key to trade show success, so here’s how a professional experiential staffing agency can drive results at your next event.

Competition at trade shows is fierce, and businesses have a brief window of time to stand out, so here are five strategies that will help you to make the right impact.


One of the primary benefits of our interconnected world is that we are presented with myriad ways to form connections that can be leveraged to drive business success. Email and social media are prime channels to forge valuable connections, and here you have the opportunity to engage with event attendees before the show.

Creating a dedicated trade show email campaign will let customers and prospects know that you will be attending. Here you can also provide a preview of what they can expect when they arrive at your stand, which should effectively capture attention and ensure that as many people as possible visit you on the day.

In addition to also using social media to promote your attendance, you can use these channels in various ways to incentivise visits to your stand. From exclusive looks at new products to free gifts in return for mentioning a particular Tweet when prospects visit your stand, encouraging as many people as possible to engage with your brand will help you to drive additional leads and sales, thereby further increasing your return on investment (ROI) for your attendance.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Trade shows are busy, and you need to do everything you can to stand out for the right reasons. From creating an eye-catching video that will prompt a sense of curiosity about what you have to offer to utilise interactives such as touch screens and VR technology to boost engagement, thinking creatively will help you to design a trade show experience that will remain at the forefront of attendees’ minds long after the event has ended.

Engage Your Audience

Making the right impression is critical, which is why it is so important to have friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff on hand to engage with prospects and answer any questions or queries they might have. Partnering with an experiential staffing agency can help you to put together a first-class team with the skills and experience to interact with attendees in a professional and confident manner.

Look Sharp

First impressions are key, and you need to ensure your stand effectively presents your brand in the best light. From ensuring every technological element is fully functional to designing engaging visuals that showcase your brand identity, putting in the work here will help you to attract more prospects and drive additional leads that will contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Exhibiting your brand at a trade show can bring myriad benefits, but carefully considering your strategy, sufficiently promoting your attendance amongst your ideal audience and ensuring your stand is staffed by the best possible team are essential to success.


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