5 Ways To Boost Your Sales With Flyer Distribution

Flyers are part of many a marketing department’s arsenal. They are cost-effective, quick to turn around, and can be printed in bulk very easily. Distributing them can be harder, however our tips will help you get the most out of your campaign.

1.Clear Messaging With A Flyer Distributor In London

The key to making your flyer  distribution campaign successful is to make sure there is an emotional connection with your target audience. That can be the difference between a 1% success rate and a 5% success rate. Don’t put off thinking the numbers are small – depending on the number of flyers you distribute, which could still be several hundred new customers.

Be clear on your message and think how you would react if you picked up the flyer. Would your response be the desired one? Make sure the information on your flyer is easy to process because people won’t spend long reading it.

2. Rectangles Are Easy But Not Always Best

One of the easiest ways to make your message memorable is to encourage people to look at it with an eye-catching shape. If you sell property, a house-shaped flyer immediately lets your audience know the subject of your message and creates impact.

3. Keep It Simple

You don’t have much space on a flyer but resist the temptation to squeeze in too much information. Keep it simple, neat and clear. Use a heavyweight paper so that your flyer stays neat and in top condition, even if it’s pushed through a letterbox or stuffed into a coat pocket. It will make a difference to the cost, but the return on your investment through this simple trick will be worth it.

4. It’s Not All About You

Whilst it is sometimes tempting to add lots of copy detailing all the things that make your company wonderful, don’t! Instead, explain what your business can do for the potential customer. How can you solve their problem? Make it easy for them to get in touch – your logo and contact details should be big and bold.

5. Include A Call To Action

You don’t have long to persuade someone reading your flyer to do something about it. Your call to action needs to create a connection instantly, so you will need to go beyond the obvious “Get in touch today.” You are asking them to change their habit, switch from another company, so they need to know that they can trust you.

Include a discount as a way to grab attention and persuade someone to give you a chance. If you are then able to impress them with your excellent customer service, customers will switch their loyalty and their lifetime value to you is more than worth the discount. A code also helps to measure the impact of the campaign, and steer future campaigns.

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