5 Ways To Make Event Staffing Better

It’s that time again when you have numerous key events coming up. You hope to showcase your brand and products and to gain new clients or keep loyal clients coming back for more. The problem is that you don’t have enough staff, or not enough of the appropriately experienced staff. Hiring new employees for a fixed term is just not cost effective or productive, given the time you’ll need to induct them, train them and then you’ll have to let them go. So, what can you do?

There is a solution. For such situations you can utilise a promotional staffing agency to help staff these events to promote your company and make your brand dazzle. For a good outcome, hiring event staffing in Birmingham can be a good decision.

A good promotional staffing agency can look after your bar or catering, model your products or even be your brand ambassador who will market and present your corporate identity to clients or potential clients.

So here’s our take on 5 ways to make your event staffing better.

1.Hire professionals

The agency will supply and vet staff, train them to your requirements, sort the bookings, and more importantly, they pay them. You don’t need to hire your own team.

2. Flexible staffing

By hiring promotional staff from an established agency you can be flexible about what you need for each event. A good agency will work to your budget and agenda.

3. Partnerships

You’re going to get the best results from partnering long term, because they will learn who you are and what you want and help you to deliver a strategy that works into the future, so you can be prepared to raise your brand profile. By having this relationship, they can help with the metrics to understand what is working and how to develop it.

4. Be best in class

Be honest, if you were to go it alone you probably wouldn’t have all the skills and know-how to make the best job of it. By working with a promotional staffing agency, you don’t just get the best staff for the job when you need it. You are hiring the sum of the years of collective experience of the whole team. That’s added value!

5. Deliver what works

Because the agency has likely got many years of metrics and assessments from past projects, it’s highly likely they will be able understand what approach is likely to work for you. They’ll also have ways of using data insight to improve your promotions over the medium to long term.

What does this mean for me?

Whether you are a global brand, or a newbie to the market, a promotional staffing agency can help you to push your brand effectiveness to the limit. StreetPR offers all the services articulated above and we believe we are the leaders in our industry both in London, Birmingham and the whole of the UK and Ireland.

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