7 Best Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is a key way of creating new custom for today’s businesses, but anyone new to the concept will find themselves agog with the sheer choice of strategies available. We cut the wheat from the chaff and briefly explore the seven best lead generation strategies for businesses today.

1. Trade shows

This is especially effective for B2B companies. Trade shows and exhibitions are a really easy way to showcase your products or services to prospective customers or clients with a vested interest in your industry. Trade shows offer the chance to gather data, hand out fliers and merchandise, offer sign-ups and even sell products and services.

2. Street PR – best for lead generation in London

Street PR efforts such as leafleting, handing-out free samples or even hosting street events such as live music and shows are all excellent for lead generation. Use these opportunities to gain email addresses or even lead customers directly to your premises. The most effective lead generation in London takes place in exciting public spaces such as Covent Garden and Liverpool St.

3. Email marketing
Email marketing is still a key route when it comes to lead generation, but it’s imperative that you do it well. It’s really important to ensure you are reaching the customers who actually want emails and giving them something worth reading. Ensure your email offers plenty of opportunities to engage and respond with the content, as well as navigating towards your company website.

4. Recommendations and referrals
Getting friends and family referrals from existing customers is an incredibly low cost solution. In effect, your existing customers are doing your marketing for you, so for this to work, there should be a reward for those existing customers. These leads tend to be genuine and based on customers’ own positive experiences, making them more valuable than a simple response to a discount or promotion.

5. Social media content
Creating unique content continues to be a key lead generation strategy. Make sure that you provide something that your potential or existing customers are likely to engage with – social media needs to be a two-way conversation to work effectively. Authentic, narrative-driven content tends to be the most effective. Ensure you include a link or call to action.

6. Telemarketing
It may be decades old, but telemarketing continues to be a hugely effective lead generation strategy. Make sure you carefully define who you choose to phone – it’s better to call ten customers who are likely to engage than 100 who are simply not interested.

7. Leaflet dropping
Not all companies are based in London and therefore can’t host exciting street PR events in Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus, but even rural companies can still get their name out with a house-to-house leaflet drop. This is most effective when the flier contains an offer or promotion.

These seven simple and low-cost lead generation strategies are all excellent ways to engage potential customers and even retain existing ones.

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