Accelerate Business Performance with Event Staffing

The right people to drive your brand

The main events that staff will oversee include seminars and conferences, trade shows, company milestones, team-building events and product launches. Having first class brand ambassadors on board to work with you is the key to the success of your event and accelerating your business overall. When the staff is hands-on and on-brand, engagements will be fulfilled and will prove to be highly effective. Promotional staff or corporate event staff members are carefully selected to ensure they are the right people to put your brand in pole position at an event.

Proficient, reactive and decisive are just three key traits associated with a successful event planner. The staff will know your business, understand the key message you are attempting to convey, and they will have the knowledge and experience to oversee the event. Essentially it’s the way you want it, and event staffing agencies will listen to you, take on board instructions and will deliver it, spearheaded by a dedicated, experienced team of people.

Planning begins early to ensure the event is a success

The team will put their plans in place early, and then assign the roles and responsibilities. They may segregate the elements of the event into different sections, and assign a section to each member of the team. All paperwork will be shared so that everyone is following the same directions. A back-up plan is always in place should the worst happen, and the team will also do a run-through prior to the event. These steps ensure that the event will be a success and most importantly, error-free.

One element of successful event staffing agencies is that they leave nothing to chance. They will also monitor event costs, ticket sales and revenue as well as the number of attendees. Engagement is another indicator to be measured, as is satisfaction. Website and app usage is also taken into consideration along with the all-important social media engagement.

Checking over the information means the event planner can re-allocate marketing spend, be aware of how much food and drink to order, or consider increasing the invitations to include a larger attendance at the event. Event staff members who are organising events on behalf of clients must realise that communication is key to its success. Assumption should never be relied upon, and it’s essential to understand what clients want. A good planner will keep the client informed of all developments. Keeping ahead of industry news and blogs is also key, as well as keeping the finger on the pulse of any new industry trends, or even new products and services that can be offered.

Regularly contacting past clients and offering to meet will show them that you are keen to secure any future business. Feedback is one of the most important elements in the aftermath of an event. A skilled event planner will ask for feedback from those attending the function as well as participants and key stakeholders, using various tools.

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