Are leaflets safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Leaflet distribution is one of the oldest forms of street marketing out there and can be hugely effective in targeting specific customers to interact with your business. Targeting travel hubs, bars, restaurants, or local events can bring huge returns for your business.

Leaflets are simple and effective but can present significant problems during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Is it safe for staff to distribute leaflets to homes? Is it safe for customers to touch and interact with leaflets? Here’s our advice on keeping safe with leaflet distribution during these ever-changing times.

More and more people are working and staying at home, so leafleting is one of the most effective means of marketing currently. After all, every home has a letterbox and leaflets can have more impact than digital messages. The WHO has made it clear that it is safe for staff and customers to handle packages and brochures, even if they have originated from a workplace where the virus has been reported. However, there are safety measures you may wish to implement.

Keeping Staff Safe While Printing

Staff should wash their hands thoroughly before handling any leaflets. Leaflets that are to be distributed to customers should be kept in plastic bags or other such items to keep them sanitary during transportation. Keep them in relatively small amounts – don’t keep a stockpile of excess leaflets.

Keeping Staff Safe While Distributing

Staff who are distributing leaflets should follow all social distancing guidelines and avoid working in large groups. They should avoid physical contact with team members and members of the public. Staff should wash their hands well before starting work and not be allowed to leaflet distribution if they show any symptoms, even mild ones.

Only one person should handle leaflets from each pack, putting them directly from the bag through the letterbox of each house, keeping social contact at an absolute minimum. Make sure workers wash their hands after they finish each shift, and it is advisable to use hand sanitiser as regular intervals during delivery. Effective hand sanitiser should have 60 – 90% alcohol to kill infectious agents. Do not wear gloves as an alternative. They are not a substitute for proper handwashing and can carry viral agents.

Make sure that your staff remain two metres apart from others and advise them to avoid any physical contact with vulnerable groups. By keeping your workforce safe, you will be helping to stop the virus spreading and keep your community safe.

From mums to millenials, leafleting is a great way to target specific demographics for your business. At StreetPR, our outstanding teams will craft expert and bespoke leafleting campaigns that will generate amazing results for your business. Contact us today to discuss our outstanding teams and competitive prices. There’s no company that offers the dedication to crafting memorable customer experiences.

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