Brand Ambassadors Can Be Your Ideal Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketing mix can seem increasingly complex. With digital channels now fighting to compete for traditional print and face-to-face, the focus often gets lost in a world of social media and online marketing; however, the fact is that face-to-face marketing still offers hugely powerful benefits that other channels lack – immediacy, impact and experience, amongst others – and brand ambassadors can bring you gains in a way that other channels cannot. Let’s look at the benefits of having a brand ambassador team on hand for your business.

1. They know your brand

Whether you have ambassadors in-house or hire them for events, your ambassadors will be trained to know everything about your brand and to represent it fully with customers and leads. They can provide a superb experience and answer questions about your brand to interested leads or customers. This type of rich engagement is very hard to deliver via print or digital means, even with online chat and similar facilities. As a customer, imagine the value of being able to ask an engaging, knowledgeable brand-representative, questions about a product or service that you are interested in. This brand insight and experience will always stay with you.

2. They provide an enhanced experience

It is hard to create the right brand experience through print or digital means. With your brand ambassador, their personality, engagement and natural ability with people makes your brand immediate and positive in your customers’ minds. They bring your brand to life and make it very real, resulting in higher conversion rates for your business.

3. They are flexible

Your brand ambassador team can be used in all kinds of situations, such as trade shows, graduate fairs, product testing stands, customer events and conferences. Your team will be wearing your brand colours, will be ready with their key messages, and will be prepared to engage with your target audience to deliver target outcomes. They might hand out freebies, encourage leads to enter a competition in return for providing their details, answer questions, carry out product explainers, or lead a product engagement session. This flexibility makes them a perfect asset for your business and for the success of your annual marketing plan.

4. They are cost-effective

Many marketing channels are highly expensive without providing any clear ROI; however, an ambassador offers both ROI and a cost-effective route to market. They can be used flexibly from agencies for your events; what’s more, the conversions from these events can be measured. Compare this kind of result to the more nebulous investments of out-of-house advertising, print collateral or social media campaigns, which can be hugely expensive and without the results that you want to see.

In conclusion, if you run any kind of face to face event with your target audience, a team of brand ambassador professionals should be part of your strategy for better success.

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