Build your brand and boost productivity with global event staffing

To make sure that participants will fully enjoy your next event, you will need to find the perfect hired staff. This is where an agency such as StreetPR can excel. StreetPR is an experienced global event staffing agency operating a pool of over 2000 temps across London and other major UK cities since 2006.

Let’s look at some tips on how to create the perfect event:

Hire Staff Who Represent Your Brand Image

The events staff you recruit for your next exhibition, seminar or conference have to go beyond answering questions and smiling. They represent your brand’s face and can help you to create new relationships with possible clients. Not communicating your vision properly could result in the staff creating a negative impression.

StreetPR staff go the extra mile. They expertly create a buzz based around your brand and will engage effectively with your customers in whichever ways you choose.

Ask For Recommended Agencies

You may have business contacts in the events world. Draw upon their knowledge for word-of-mouth recommendations; for example, your friends may suggest a reputable agency such as StreetPR.

StreetPR has over 600 clients across the country and has provided staff for Google, the NHS, Lush, and many others. Its network of team players provides expert customer service and attentive front-of-house staff.

Added Extras
Special events staff need experience, good decision-making skills, and an outgoing attitude. StreetPR staff will gain inside-out knowledge of your products and can engage creatively with your audience. These ‘perks’ are powerful enough to alter perceptions of your next event.

Staff Must Work Well With Current Team Members

Before signing with an agency, consider your team players who will work alongside the hires. Are they similar mentally? Will they complement each other?

With StreetPR global event staffing, you won’t get the problem of teams that don’t see eye to eye. It has a database of attractive promotional staff with upbeat personalities and tons of enthusiasm to offer. Its staff are professional and get on well with everyone, providing an excellent customer experience.

Choose Experienced People

Events staff with experience of a particular industry understand the habits of the specific audience. Always choose staff with a comprehension of the market that comes from lived experience. This will enable events teams to create important connections.

Whatever your job, StreetPR offers dedicated, highly-trained staff whose experience can be matched to your preferences. The diverse industries they support with their expert knowledge include gym chains, hotels, restaurants, motorsport events, festivals, magazines, and shopping centres.

Why choose StreetPR?

Whatever the size of your event, StreetPR will create and deliver a superlative brand experience. It knows that people are the core of your product launch and guarantees that its expert hosts and hostesses will deliver a successful event.

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