Can leaflet distribution be an effective means of advertising?

Let’s look at the figures

Get it right and you’re onto a winner – research shows that, if approached correctly, an impressive 48 per cent of recipients respond to adverts in leaflets and a whopping 79 per cent read it, keep it or pass it on.


Some of the major benefits include selecting demographics, targeting the correct audience and reaching them in the comfort of their own homes.

Let’s look at the specifics

Put simply, leaflet distribution in London reaches the homes of your customers, making it a targeted method of promotion. By selecting certain areas only, it avoids random distribution. A word of warning though – leaflets either arrive with the rest of the post or within a local free paper or magazine, so you will need to ensure that your leaflet stands out.

A call to action

In order for your leaflet to make an impact, you will need to include a call to action. This means offering the recipient something which will make them undertake an activity that will ultimately benefit your company. For example, you may include a discount code for them to purchase an item from your website or online store. Remember to include your contact details.

Keep it physical

In today’s electronic and virtual world we are awash with information being sent to us by email, online message and a whole host of other electronic formats. It remains a fact that a leaflet is a physical item and will not disappear into the ether once it has been read.

True or false

There are a lot of myths around regarding leaflet distribution in London or indeed anywhere else in the country. People have the perception that leaflets just aren’t read. That’s wrong, as 94 per cent of Brits read a minimum of one per week. In some respects, the rise of the internet has had a positive impact on leaflets, as research shows that around 68 per cent of people prefer a hard copy of something rather being bombarded by internet ads.

Conversely, technology has also benefited the humble leaflet. The advent, for example, of the QR code, has created a whole new world for leaflets and their content. And for those who say that leaflets just aren’t effective and have no place in the modern world, then the fact that 47 per cent of people go shopping after reading a leaflet blows this one out of the water.

Cost is king

The costs of leaflet design and distribution remain consistently low and therefore appeal to the savvy marketer who needs to keep within a budget. They are also speedy. The old school feel of a leaflet also plays to its strengths, as it can create nostalgia and a feeling of the good old days to potential customers.


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