Create a lasting relationship with consumers by hiring the best-in-class brand ambassadors

One of the biggest drivers for success in any modern business is customer engagement or the creation and management of profitable customer relationships. This is particularly the case in today’s highly competitive, fast-moving markets which often have a large number of sophisticated, successful incumbents and competitor brands.

In the B2B market particularly, consumers must be nurtured through a buying cycle that can involve various touchpoints. Similarly, in B2C markets relationships are often key especially in more involved, high-end products or services which require a longer decision-making process or rely on repeat purchasing. Face-to-face engagement is often vital for success in these markets where solely print, digital or other offline methods of marketing aren’t sufficient to persuade a sale without ‘in person’ support.

For these types of businesses, brand ambassador staffing agencies exist to help businesses to recruit brand ambassadors to engage with consumers and to create a positive, long-lasting relationship that builds awareness and trust in the brand.

Why businesses use brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassador staffing agencies are used for all kinds of face-to-face events such as trade fairs, for example. Brand ambassadors are there to represent the brand of the company and to provide a positive, engaging experience that resonates with the customer. They understand the brand, can talk about it and can carry out specific functions that the business requires, working professionally, effectively and rapidly and providing an all-round experience that resonates with the customer.

Activities that brand ambassadors typically carry out

A brand ambassador may be hired permanently in-house by the business itself, but often they are recruited on a flexible basis from brand ambassador staffing agencies for key events and other occasions where they are needed to meet and liaise with potential customers. Although each business will have its own bespoke requirements ambassadors will usually be called on to do some or all of the following:

– Hand out promotional literature
– Answer questions about the business and brand
– Provide a positive brand experience to potential customers
– Carry out practical activities at events (e.g. trade shows, product launches, conferences etc) such as showing delegates where to go, handing out packs, answering questions.
– Building a longer-term relationship with customers by providing consistent engagement experiences across different touchpoints, such as an annual calendar of events.

Working with brand ambassador staffing agencies

Businesses can hire brand ambassadors from specialist agencies who recruit and train these outward-facing specialists for promotional events and other brand occasions and events. These professionals possess the essential skills and attributes needed to learn about the brand that they are representing accurately and rapidly. They have the social skills needed to liaise with consumers and to present a positive brand image. They must be confident, outgoing and extremely professional.

To find out more about how a brand ambassador agency can help your business with its consumer engagement strategy, and representation at events, please contact us today for an informal chat about your needs.

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