Do Promotional Agencies Help With Business Growth?

How promotional agencies in the UK can markedly increase business growth for any business.

The short answer is yes, promotional agencies do help with business growth. Promotional agencies drive growth, increase sales and profits and improve your brand awareness. You may have the most perfect business model; service or product that people really need and a target market ready to spend. But it means nothing if you cannot get the message to the people that matter, and that’s where promotional agencies come in. Promotional agencies in the UK offer a range of services which may include everything from street PR events, food tasting and leafleting,

Short and long term growth

A well-managed event can have both a long term effect and short term sales boost. Building up brand awareness amongst the right people is a long term strategy that can do wonders for sustainable growth. A PR event can also create instant interest in your product or service, giving you an immediate sales boost. This early sales boost can help with raising the funds needed to start scaling up.

Customer data

One sure-fire way to achieve growth is to add names to your mailing list. A promotional event is the ideal time to harvest data from potential customers. There are a number of ways to do this, although offering discounts by collecting email addresses is a popular choice. Another great idea is to host a giveaway, another easy way to obtain details.

Why can’t I do it myself?

As a new, small or struggling business you may well wonder why you should employ an agency to carry out tasks that you and your staff can do yourself. But the simple response to this is that PR is best left to the professionals. It’s not just enthusiasm, marketing know-how and access to a team of promotional staff that an agency brings to the table. They will also help with all the logistical elements of a PR event, as well as being able to provide ROI tracking and reports on all activities. Outsourcing PR events not only saves you time and money whilst driving almost guaranteed business growth, but it leaves you free to focus on your core activities.

Tips for choosing promotional agencies in the UK

Look out for agencies that have a proven track record and have excellent local knowledge. Ask for testimonials and case studies as well as how they can help you assess the growth that any events have created.

Business growth is the ultimate outcome for any business, but getting there is harder than you think. It’s also important to ensure a blend of short term and long term growth that is both sustainable and achievable. Targeted, well planned promotional activities carried out by an experienced agency is an excellent way to gain growth. Not only does it drive sales, but it can increase brand awareness and help you target the right people.

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