Does handing out flyers still work to influence consumers?

Businesses need to use every means at their disposal to get their brand seen by potential customers. These days, marketing is certainly dominated by search engine optimisation and social media. This leaves many business owners wondering if some of the more traditional marketing strategies still work.

Handing out flyers, or leafleting as it is sometimes called, is a very traditional method of promoting a business and it has been around for decades. In this age of technology and online marketing, you may be surprised to learn that it can still play an important part in your marketing strategy.

Flyers still have a role to play

The leading promotional agencies in the UK understand that leafleting can complement even the most sophisticated online marketing strategy. This is because they are a very immediate ‘in your face’ type of promotions. People will find your website online if they go hunting for you. When a leaflet is in their hand, they don’t have to go looking.

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Leaflets are a good way of repeatedly getting your message out there. Also, it is important to target your marketing at the demographic that is most likely to use your services. This is particularly important for a local audience. If you have a business that is fixed in a certain locality, handing out flyers in that location is an excellent way of targeting your campaign.

The flyers have to be right

Whilst it is true that flyers still have an important role to play, you have to take great care to get the design right or it could do more harm than good. You will find the promotional agencies in the UK know which type of leaflet has the best effect.

People’s attention span is longer when they are reading words on paper than when they are reading words online. Therefore, it makes sense to get your message right. You don’t have a great deal of room so pick two or three important things that you want to get across. This could be a sale, a promotion or a particular product.

Keep the design clean, simple and uncluttered but colour leaflets work better than black and white. Stick to two fonts at the most and make sure that all of the content is perfectly aligned.

Collate the content around a few major headings so that they catch the eye. Make the copy bold and easy to read. Be brief and to the point.

The most important part of the leaflet is the information that tells the reader where to find you. That could be a physical address if you own a bricks and mortar shop, it could be a website address or it could be your social media handles.

So, leaflets can still be a part of your marketing strategy and can do your business a lot of good. You just have to make sure that they are well-designed and contain all the essential information.

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