Does hiring temporary workers provide any benefits?

Perhaps you have a very seasonal product and for most of the year you cope just fine, or you run a business that puts on events, and in between dates, there is nothing for those additional staff to do. Paying them for nothing is not good business sense, so hiring temporary workers could be the way forward for your business.

If you are looking for additional support over a particularly busy period and you know when that time is likely to come to an end, you might find you need a fixed term contract. This is someone hired by your organisation, paid directly by you, who joins your business for an agreed amount of time.

Temporary Staff

A temporary worker is just that, taken on to support you during a peak time, but without the security afforded a contract worker. You might use a regular temp, who joins you for a short period time and time again – perhaps event staff – or someone who comes in to cover sickness or holiday.

There are lots of temp staff in Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and other big towns and cities, who make a career out of temping. For the temporary worker, there is a great amount of flexibility, committing only to the assignments they want, and with little obligation to continue if they are not enjoying the job.


Hiring temp staff in Edinburgh can have big benefits for the employer, too. It’s flexible. Taking on a temporary member of staff is very quick, especially when you use an agency. They have done all the vetting and checking and can send you someone who suits your requirements immediately.


Having someone with the right skills to do the job is important. Companies shouldn’t make do. Take event staff for example – many businesses use their own staff to man stands at events or exhibitions, and they are not always skilled and willing to make the most of the opportunity. It’s better to take on a temporary staff member who is trained and comfortable in approaching people ‘cold’ and engaging them in meaningful conversation.

Temporary workers are used to this scenario. They can go into a business and settle in very quickly. They’re used to it. They are often skilled in an area, and have experience. They can make a big impact in a small period of time, because they do not fear the repercussions of speaking out.

It takes much less time to take on a temp employee, and it does not really matter whether or not they are the right cultural, fit because they will not be around for long. They must have good empathy with your customers, however.

Sometimes it can be useful just to have a fresh pair of eyes on something that’s sticking for you. A new perspective is sometimes all that is needed.

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