Does Leaflet Distribution Still Work in this Digital Age?

There is no doubting that we live in a digital age and the way we communicate and consume media has changed beyond recognition. This difference has meant that marketers have had to rethink how they allocate their budgets and ensure the best return on their investment; however, this does not mean that ‘analogue’ media should be discounted altogether. Depending on your audience and your message, there are still effective traditional methods to include in your marketing mix. For example, leaflet distribution in London is one tactic that still works very effectively.


Leaflets and flyers remain a highly effective way of advertising your product or service. Get your design right and your leaflets should give you an impressive response rate, and there are endless possibilities for the creative! Go big and bold with an attention-grabbing headline, add a clear call to action, and get out there. If you incorporate a coupon or discount code, you can track the take-up and engagement of your activity.

Target specific groups

Just as you might with a digital mechanic, door to door leafleting can be very targeted. Highly sensitive software can look at very detailed demographic data to ensure your campaign hits the right target audience. There are various options available to you in terms of distribution.

Tailoring your message will improve the engagement and take-up rate further. Unlike traditional broadcast advertising such as television, which ends after a few seconds, a leaflet has the scope to go on and on. Consumers can look at and take in information and details at their leisure without having to remember everything in the space of a brief TV ad. Crucially, they can also share a leaflet with others, raising the potential for expanded impressions. This can support an improved ROI.

One of the biggest pros for leafleting is that you can get your message directly into the hands of your potential customers. It might travel with them, get into their homes, and perhaps even make it to their fridge door! There is a good chance of repeated opportunities to see your creative from the same leaflet. People still check their post every day, with this definite action meaning that there is an increased chance of uninterrupted viewing of your message. You have a captive audience.

Target geographics and demographics

When you look at your marketing plan and how you have covered the various demographic groups you need to share your message with, you might be able to plug any gaps with leafleting. This can be especially useful for breaking into a new market. Make the research as broad as you need to.

One final reason why leafleting should be a part of your marketing toolkit is that, it is relatively cheap. Remember that it should be part of your marketing activity rather than a standalone tactic.

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