Does Street Advertising Drive Customer Retention?

There are three main components of advertising: the content of the advert, the attention factor, and the persuasion. Promotions must stand out enough to grab people’s attention and be persuasive enough to get them to buy. In a competitive marketplace, it is also important to focus on the cost factor – the most effective way to get people to pay attention and persuade them to buy. Here are the effective ways of street advertising in London for your understanding.

Effective attention-grabbing

Putting a campaign together needs careful attention to detail and can have many components aimed at reaching the seven touch points that make up the ‘seven times factor’ rule of advertising. Your campaign could include billboards and handing out flyers and samples alongside technological backup that might include smartphone technology and social media campaigns. These components are all used to reinforce your message and brand to get your business noticed.

Managing the campaign

Campaigns need careful management so that you can achieve the best conversion rates. You will need to work out the budgets and timing schedules, location, number of staff, how many samples, how long to run a campaign for, and have a clear call to action so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

You may be trying to get sales while people are on the move or trying to capture email and contact details by handing out flyers with promotional offers or competition prizes. Knowing where and when you will get the best footfall and what conversion rates you can expect to see is quite an art, which is why you might want to consider using an agency with the skills and experience to help you manage your campaign in the best way possible.

Make it relevant

Your campaign should offer an appealing call to action to the people you are targeting. Your business may offer corporate services, sporting products or services or entertainment products – whatever product or service you offer, you need to consider where you can best grab the attention of your target audience and how to persuade them to interact with you, such as by using bright colours or accessories that fit your brand. You have to get the personality of your brand across if you want to stop people in the street and persuade them to buy or take a flyer or sample.

An experienced agency will be able to advise you on what works well, the pitfalls to avoid, and how best to manage the logistics and measure the conversion rate. Done well, street advertising in London can stop people in their tracks and make them curious to know more. If you can capture their data, you can follow this up. Provided that you use clear and strong branding in your street advertising, they will already recognise your business and products and will be happy to engage and find out more.

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