Elements for a successful lead generation strategy

Marketers always cite lead generation as one of the biggest pain points of their jobs; however, the activity is essential in the B2B market to bring in qualified targets to approach to begin the sales process. Happily, with the right digital marketing efforts and support from professionals of lead generation agency in the field with the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to see a measurable return on your investment.

The steps to take for better lead generation:

1. Paid advertising

This will enable you to target your key audience and secure the right leads. Identify your audience and use the ad platform targeting criteria to pin down their demographics. Choose the platforms that your audience will use and create copy and a visual creative that is engaging.

2. Content

Your potential buyers must trust your brand and see the value in your offer. Establish trust with paid ads that link to value-adding content and develop your brand into a thought-leader within your customer space. You can use social media and company blog challenges to do this. Use a professional copywriter and have a clear content plan that spans relevant platforms, repurposing content to avoid needing to create everything from scratch each time and using relevant keywords. To achieve this, your sales and marketing teams will need to work together.

3. Landing pages

Optimise your landing pages and forms so that your targets are inclined to complete them. Have just the single CTA and a clear next step, limiting data capture to the essentials. An agency can help you to do this using best practices and measurement insights that make use of your platform’s analytics program and reporting capabilities.

4. Lead nurturing

This is the key stage of acquisition. Segment leads and adjust your CTAs accordingly to make full use of your progressive profiling insights. A lead nurturing programme will need to be multi-dimensional, using an array of tactics, platforms and planned activities that are measured to guide further activity.

5. Evaluation

All lead generation activity must be measured using analytics that demonstrate where your investment is paying off and where you may need to invest more. Run regular reports and adjust your activity based on their insights.

How a lead generation agency can help?

Why might you consider using a lead generation agency to get better results from your marketing budget? This area of sales and marketing is complex and it is very easy for businesses to waste their marketing budget by incorrectly setting up digital campaigns that do not see a result.

An agency can provide specialist insight and skillsets that enable you to leverage your budget and resources and to see your goals and objectives achieved. This will help you to reach your target customers faster and avoid wasted time and effort. Find the right agency partner and the relationship will benefit you both.

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