Experiential Marketing London – The Future of Customer Engagement

Businesses that are built to last have one thing in common: an ability to engage their audiences in new and exciting ways that prioritise experience.

What is experiential marketing?

The concept of experiential marketing is not a new one, but it does leverage the memorability and impact that real experiences can make on us more keenly than any other form of contemporary marketing. Also often referred to as engagement or live marketing, it primarily serves as a tool to encourage customers to take part in a brand organised event or activity.

The best experiential events are carefully planned to boost brand awareness and provide customers with information in immersive, memorable ways. Conversely, a poorly planned experiential marketing campaign can easily come across as being a publicity stunt or simply a means to push your brand and your products on to customers. People don’t want to feel pressured into making purchases and a badly executed campaign risks damaging your reputation and standing in your industry.

Partnering with an experienced team specialising in experiential marketing in London will allow you to work alongside knowledgeable professionals who understand how to shape the best event for your business.

How can experiential marketing boost customer engagement?

Although email, content and social media marketing can go some way to personalising customer experiences, experiential marketing goes a step further and facilitates the real-life interaction between a brand and a person.

You might find it helpful to view experiential campaigns as a three dimensional evolution of a marketing campaign. In addition to encouraging customers to deep dive into a brand much faster and easier than they could via a screen, experiential campaigns allow brands to get to know their customers on a much deeper and more meaningful level.

Experiential marketing and brand affinity

Marketplaces are competitive and it’s your job to positively differentiate yourself from the crowd by going above and beyond to capture and hold the attention of your audience. Building brand affinity is a core component of generating valuable leads and enhancing sales and providing authentic interactions during your events will create a lasting positive image.

Experiential marketing and online visibility

The most comprehensive experiential campaigns also keenly consider the shareability factor. If your audience have come away from your event feeling enthused and excited about your brand and the experience you provided them with, they are likely to want to share it online. In addition to delivering all the benefits real life events can bring to your brand, they can also contribute to your online visibility without requiring you to increase your digital spend.

The information gleaned from the market research stage of planning an effective experiential event will give you additional insight into your ideal audience and highlight what you can to do ensure their needs are met allowing you to engage with them on a much deeper and more meaningful level than ever before.

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