How to Create Amazing User Experiences with Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is something that associates a brand or business with an event or experience. By using a variety of unique and individual campaigns, companies can create a bond with their audience which will then be linked to their product.

This modern and innovative way of marketing is great for today’s world, as it lends itself perfectly to social media, creating further opportunities for businesses to get their message across.

Social Media

An increasingly popular way to promote a product or brand is to have promotional staff dress up in strange and wonderful outfits, drawing attention to both themselves and the product or service they are marketing. Friendly and professional staff can then encourage photo opportunities which can be posted on Instagram and Twitter using hashtags to help build up new target audiences.

Staff working for experiential marketing London are fully trained before the event both in the client’s business and how to interact with members of the public. Clients can then see the success of their campaign instantly.


Due to recent updates in the law, campaigns of this kind need to adhere to strict guidelines. Staff wearing any kind of promotional clothing are deemed to be representing the company they are promoting and therefore are considered employees of that business. This means national insurance and tax need to be paid in the same way as all other employees via the agency’s payroll or through an HMRC-certified payroll provider.

Another issue recently hitting the headlines is staff permits and ensuring staff have the correct documentation allowing them to work in the UK.

If your business is giving away samples of food or drink, there are additional laws in place to protect consumers. All staff must be fully aware of the ingredients and be up to date with food storage and hygiene rules. Due to the recent publicity hitting the headlines with regards to food allergies, if in doubt staff should not hand out samples to anyone who has any kind of allergy. Similarly, if giving out samples to children, or anyone under the age of 16, brand ambassadors should ensure that the child or young person is with a parent or carer before handing out any samples.

Don’t forget to factor in storage space if giving away samples. Make sure this is secure but easily accessible so staff can top up with supplies throughout the day.

Permission will be needed for any kind of promotional activity in a public space, but in addition to this, if you require any props, displays or vehicles, then the usual safety rules apply. Also check nothing is blocking any fire exits, entrances or footpaths, as this can result in fines.

Experiential promotional campaigns are a fun and modern way to promote a new product or service and create a relationship with customers. If done correctly, they can be extremely worthwhile and cost-effective. As with any marketing campaigning, planning is key, along with ensuring professional staff are representing your company.

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