Factors to Consider to Create A Hospitality Staffing Strategy

Staff are integral to running a buoyant hospitality company, whether it’s hotel reception staff, kitchen porters, chefs, waiting staff or bar staff, without the right people you won’t be able to provide the best possible service. Retaining and recruiting staff in this industry is notoriously tricky, whilst for those companies that are catering for events, outsourcing can make a difference. An effective staffing strategy is essential.

Staff turnover strategy

Anyone who has managed a company in the hospitality industry, whether it’s a bar, hotel, restaurant or catering firm, will know that turnover of staff is high. Staff tend to be young, part-time and are often in transitional stages of life. Couple this with hospitality’s perpetual growth as an industry and you’ll see why you always need to be on the lookout for more staff. Recruitment and retention are key here but it’s also important to have a strategy for filling the gaps when staff levels are low. Agency staff are a great solution to temporarily low staff levels.

Finding ‘people’ people

Unlike most industries, most hospitality roles are customer-facing albeit relatively low in the need for technical skills. This means that whilst most of the skills involved can be learnt on the job, a person’s character is far more important to the role. You need personable, friendly, likeable and confident staff. Your recruitment process needs to be designed to highlight these qualities.

Consider holding group interviews with mock tasks. This is a great way of seeing how candidates would really act in certain situations. When you use hospitality agencies for staffing at events, you can rely on them to provide people who have just the right characteristics.

Seasonal factors

This is an industry which is affected hugely by the seasons. Ski chalets don’t make money in summer whilst restaurants are practically empty in January. Almost every type of hospitality business will need extra staff during peak holiday periods and over Christmas. Consider outsourcing at these times to ensure you have the staffing levels you need. If you need hospitality staffing in London you’ll find leading agencies which are highly experienced in providing temporary staff for seasonal periods.

Staff for events

Hospitality companies that cater for events will often need ad hoc staff to add to their pool of employed staff. A great strategy is to employ agency staff for events, both on and off venue. This allows you to retain the right number of essential payroll staff and only recruit more numbers when needed.

It’s so important to consider what affects staffing in the hospitality industry in order to recruit and retain staff effectively. Complementing your payroll team with agency staff is a great way to work around seasonal changes and to be sure you have enough staff to host your events.

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