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It should come as no surprise to anyone in business that new leads are needed in order for any business in any sector to grow. Whether operating in a consumer facing business, or working in a business to business capacity, lead generation should be seen as a vital business function.

How does lead generation work?

The process of lead generation refers to the way in which potential customers are identified for your business’ products or services. In order to generate leads, you must know where to look for these new customers, and contrary to the common perspective, it is not about just cold-calling or sending numerous emails. The best lead generation strategies almost invariably involve a diverse range of approaches.

Why should you use a lead generation agency?

When small businesses begin, often one or two people become responsible for all business tasks, from buying or manufacturing products through to marketing and distribution as well as bookkeeping and other financial responsibilities. Of course, not everyone is adept at all of these tasks and when a business looks to grow, it will naturally look to get help at the areas in which it may have the least expertise.

This is where using an experienced lead generation agency can help to grow your business. A dedicated agency will have in-depth experience in helping businesses develop and cultivate leads, with a view to providing new customers. Whether a digital campaign is required, or something involving pen and paper (or an iPad) on the streets, or indeed perhaps a blending of the two, agencies such as StreetPR can help any business to generate well founded and useful leads.

An experienced agency will have a pool of highly trained staff, ready to jump into action, should a street based campaign be one of your chosen approaches. These staff will be briefed and trained on the specifics of your campaign to ensure that they are completely on-message with your requirements when they go out as ambassadors for your product or service.

As you may have noticed when you’re out and about in city or town centres, it’s not just small businesses which can benefit from generating leads in this way, with many larger brands also utilising street teams in order to generate leads.

Online support

Online support in lead generation can exist in many different guises. One of the biggest areas of growth in recent years has been the improved capabilities of the AI driven chatbot. Chatbots can allow potential customers to interact with the business, answering questions before collecting data or passing on a pre-heated lead to one of your waiting sales team.

Similarly, high quality lead generation agencies may well also help you to shape your social media campaign in order to help produce useful leads through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media channels.

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