Five Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

The seismic growth of online marketing and social media means that a new approach is needed to capture people’s attention. Experiential marketing is the new kid on the block.

What is experiential marketing?

In a nutshell, experiential marketing is immersive marketing that encourages consumers to become actively involved in a product or a brand. An experiential marketing agency in London invites the viewer to actively take part so that not only can they experience the product first-hand but also they are much more likely to remember it.

Let’s take a look at five successful examples:

Smirnoff comic book party

Smirnoff decided to bring its drink to life by throwing a party. It sponsored a comic-book themed event that was truly immersive. The venue was decorated with comic book illustrations and the staff members were dressed as comic book characters. From start to finish, this comic-themed party immersed all attendees in a comic book world that represented fun and fantasy.

Volkswagen piano stairs

Volkswagen wanted to push the fun side of its brand following the emissions scandal not so long ago. It very cleverly did this with a piano stairs trick in an underground station in Germany. It painted the stairs as piano keys, which led to travellers playing a tune as they went up and down them. This was a memorable experience for the travellers and despite having very little to do with cars, it reinforced and relaunched the Volkswagen brand in people’s minds. This was exactly what VW had set out to achieve.

HBO escape rooms

Escape rooms have recently grown in popularity in the UK. The objective is for people to solve clues to escape a locked room – those familiar with The Crystal Maze will remember this well. The HBO group decided to launch its own escape rooms by creating a mega escape experience combining three separate rooms into one.

JetBlue ice hacking experience

The airline company JetBlue launched a really eye-catching campaign in New York City during the winter when it froze a range of summer holiday items inside a huge block of ice. It asked passers-by to hack away at the ice so that they could win one of the frozen prizes inside, which included summer holiday gear and free flight tickets.

Sensodyne’s sensitivity test

Sensodyne has always marketed itself on its sensitive teeth protection and wanted to prove to its potential customer base that it works. It set up an immersive experience in a park in London and hosted a range of games and testing experiences in different zones. The zones included life-sized models and interactive games that encouraged people to think about their teeth in a playful way. It also launched The Great Sensitivity Test; when combined with a social media campaign, this reached an audience of over four million.

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