Five mistakes to avoid when appointing event staff

The people staffing your event can make or break it. Event staff present your brand’s image, engage the public with your products and make sure the event runs to plan; however, it can be easy to make mistakes. Let’s look at five mistakes to avoid when appointing event staff.

Last minute event staffing

Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about who you are going to recruit. Delays in taking action to find the right staff for your event can mean you won’t get the people you want.

Even if you have not left thinking about event staffing until the last minute, it can be just as big a mistake to delay making a decision on which people to go for. Good event staff are in demand and many will have other offers on the table that they could commit to instead of working for you.

Not enough event staff

Make sure you are honest about how many event staff you need, factoring in how many people are invited, how long the event will last, and whether there are sub-events alongside the main event. You will need to recruit enough staff for everyone to have energy right until the end, making sure that you have a good mix of ages, genders and experience levels.

Making decisions on the wrong thing

Hiring event staff based on their looks can be a big mistake. Not only does thinking about whether the look fits potentially distract you from interrogating a candidate’s levels of experience and suitability for the event but also it distracts you from discovering the person who is the best personality fit for your event.

Don’t make your decisions based purely on whether they tick all the skills boxes. When you are looking for event staff, interviews are essential to determine whether a candidate can connect with and promote your brand in the way you want it to come across. Sometimes candidates don’t have a huge amount of experience but are enthusiastic and can demonstrate their commitment to learning; in this way, they can obtain the necessary skills in time for your event.

Not connecting them to your brand

If you don’t share enough information about your brand and your vision for the event when appointing event staff, you are making a mistake that will compromise how effectively the staff will be able to connect with your brand and communicate it to guests at the event.

Let them know about your company background and key information on the products that will be showcased. This will mean they are much more bought into the event and will be able to make decisions and take actions that help it to succeed.

Plan to not fail

Planning is the best way to ensure you don’t make any mistakes when appointing event staff. Many events suffer from a lack of a dedicated staffing strategy and planning, meaning that key objectives are unclear and other mistakes are easily made.

At Street PR, we work with our clients on pre-planning all event recruitment. Together we can clearly identify what type of staff you need, how you will find and recruit them, and how you will manage them and build up knowledge of your event before the big day.

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