Five Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Event Staffing Agency

In a world in which a brand’s ability to differentiate itself from its competitors is increasingly difficult, it is worth carefully managing your event staffing strategy.

Giving potential customers a chance to feel, taste and touch your product is key to making the sale. Let’s take a look at five key mistakes to avoid if you want to ensure successful event marketing.

1. Relying on in-house resources

Successful event marketing is difficult; therefore, depending on the expertise within your business, it might be worth considering hiring a specialist to manage this for you. A company specialising in event staffing in Birmingham, for example, will not be daunted at the prospect of introducing your product to potential customers.

2. Under-resourcing stands

While you know your business better than anyone else, event staffing agencies can support you with everything on the day. Once you have done all the background work of organising the planning, logistics and implementation – even before you get in front of potential customers – staffing levels are easily overlooked.

3. Limited event staffing experience

Agencies know what they are doing. Whether you require event staffing in Birmingham or elsewhere, in-house staff may have limited experience of the engagement techniques required at events. In contrast, an event agency will have organised countless events, will know how to achieve the best results, and will have the staff to achieve these results.

4. Under-budgeting

Of course, there is a cost associated with hiring an agency; however, the added value is likely to be worth the investment and should be factored into the budget. The teams that agencies provide are trained and experienced, while the management team will be able to work with you on your brief to make sure the right individuals are chosen to support your campaign. It also means that you don’t need to spend time training internal staff in event techniques, with potentially variable outcomes.

Using an agency will also save your business time on administration, not only in terms of processing payroll but also in legal compliance, such as having all relevant checks and certificates in place. It gives your business the peace of mind to focus on the elements you do best. If there is an issue with the staff for your event, an agency will be able to provide cover and your event will continue seamlessly as planned.

5. Collaboration

Work with your event staffing agency to talk through your goals and objectives and to plan the event, whether this is a small programme of sampling or a much bigger event over several days. Above all, do not underestimate the time and resources required for getting this right. Many smaller businesses, and even larger brands, do not have the set-up in place to run this side smoothly. Doing it badly can create more problems and drain more resources trying to put it right. The right agency can work with you throughout the process.

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