Five top reasons why flyer distribution is highly effective

The old ways are sometimes still the best; for example, despite the advent of social media marketing, a good old-fashioned flyer handout is still highly effective and often preferable. From adding a personal touch to getting heard above the parapet, let’s explore the top five reasons why flyer distribution in London is a highly effective avenue for marketing.

1. Getting heard

The average person receives tens of promotional emails each day and scrolls past countless social media posts from businesses trying to be heard. However, most of us are only handed the odd flyer as we go about our daily business. This makes it a fantastic standout way of getting heard in a world of new technology and modern communications.

2. Tangible

A flyer is a tangible item – it can be held, read, shared, and hopefully stuck on a pinboard or stored in a wallet. Unlike a Tweet or Facebook post, which can be ignored, scrolled past and forgotten about, a flyer is a real-life object that will only be lost when the holder chooses to lose it. This tangible item also serves as a reminder of your brand.

3. The personal touch

When a flyer is handed from one person to another, a human connection is made. The same simply cannot be said for a promotional email or Instagram post. In a world in which so much of our human interaction occurs online, traditional methods of communication can make a positive impact on our day. When it comes to flyer distribution in London, an agency with highly-trained staff can make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of flyer handouts. Personable event staff will help to create a good feeling around your product or service, associating your brand with a friendly smile and positive human engagement.

4. ROI

A targeted flyer distribution event hosted by an experienced PR event agency can be fully measured. In fact, the number of flyers that bring people directly into your premises – perhaps with the help of a flyer discount – can be precisely quantified and tracked. This makes flyer distribution an excellent channel for those who need to provide an exact ROI for marketing activities.

5. Creativity

A flyer allows for a certain degree of creativity. Consider artist-designed flyers that people will be keen to put on their fridge or show to a friend. This is especially effective for flyer distribution in London, as audiences are used to urban flair and trendy imagery. Use the flyer to come up with a surprising discount or free offer. Rather than 10 per cent off, consider offering something different for those who visit your premises with a flyer, such as a free product.

Flyers are an excellent and often overlooked marketing tool that has the power to add a personal touch to your promotional activities. Fully measurable and potentially memorable, consider flyer distribution for your next PR event.

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