Flyer Distribution Service – The Cost-Effective Advertising Medium

All businesses want to find ways to engage with customers and to advertise in a cost-effective way that also brings measurable returns. A flyer handout can be the perfect route to market that satisfies both measures.

Much of the current focus is on digital marketing methods, but these miss the immediacy and face-to-face impact that can be achieved with direct marketing and advertising efforts such as flyering and flyer distribution.

Let’s take a look at the pros of flyer distribution

1. A flyer handout is quick and easy to organise – with specialist PR and events teams available if you wish to give the activity a professional edge and to enable customers to receive any answers to questions that they might have about your flyer and your business.

2. Flyer distribution is low-cost, especially compared to other forms of outdoor advertising. It can also be organised on a one-off basis when you need it. In fact, the costs are usually limited to the print run for the flyers themselves, any staff that you need to take on for the distribution and any licensing required to hand out materials. If you use an agency, you will just pay the one agency fee.

3. Flyering is an immediate form of marketing that works particularly well for events such as flash sales, trade shows, pop-ups, fairs and entertainment and other modes of advertising which wish to seek feet through the door. Alternatively, it can direct customers to a website for an e-commerce channel.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Flyer Distribution

– Produce professional flyers – otherwise you will not get the results you want. Use a graphic designer and professional print company. Consider also using the services of a copywriter to present your messaging and call to action in the right way. Proofread everything before you send the finished product to print, and check details such as phone numbers and email addresses so that easy mistakes aren’t made.

– Consider using a flyer agency or a promotions agency that can provide the right calibre of staff for your flyer distribution, especially if you wish to tie the activity in with any other kind of promotion, such as a giveaway or event.

– Measure returns by assigning a code to the flyer. When customers contact you, ask them to provide their referral source so that you can assign it to the right channel. In this way, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing activity and your flyer distribution.

– Select the right location and the right time of day when your target audience will be present. Be sure to have a licence if one is required. Ensure your handout staff are dressed professionally and appropriately and that your business is identified.

By following these steps, you could see a strong return from your flyer distribution activity and welcome a profitable new channel into your customer marketing mix.

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