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Face-to-face marketing can be a very powerful and effective tool in promoting your brand or a specific product. But it must be done well. It’s vital to have the right staff representing your brand – staff who knows your brand well and what it stands for, and staff who have an in-depth knowledge of your products, as they will be fielding questions from the public. How your event staff react with the general public correlates directly to their experience of your brand and how their perception is formed. Get it wrong, and it could have a detrimental effect on your brand image and in turn on your sales.

Brand Exposure

Events are a good opportunity to mix with consumers, but the bigger events – at national and international level – also attract significant interest from the press and media. One of the biggest benefits of an event or exhibition is that you have a ready-made ‘warm’ audience who are receptive to your message and have an interest in your industry. It’s a form of targeted marketing. Build a strong engagement with carefully executed demonstrations. Event staff can help with that!

It’s the personal interaction at events that is the key part and the critical thing that isn’t possible with other forms of marketing. Customers don’t care if the person they are speaking to is a permanent employee of the business or not, provided that they are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer questions or give out samples.

Social Buzz

Beyond the face-to-face interaction, a big event offers an opportunity to promote your brand on social media to another audience. Events will often have their own hashtag to link the conversation, and consumers are often keen to get involved. Have your event staff encourage user-generated content and your reach increases significantly.

Don’t forget to leverage social media before the event, and of course afterwards, to really capitalise on the opportunity.

Generate Leads

A global event staffing agency will have specially trained individuals who are skilled at engaging with people and building relationships quickly. They will work to generate leads for your business and gather contact information.

As part of your pre-event planning and preparation, set some clear targets in advance. That might include sales – if applicable – or leads or conversions.

In conclusion, it is definitely worth including events into your marketing strategy as long as they will give you access to the right consumers or trade customers. Choose the right event for your company and don’t attend ‘just for the sake of it’, because attending events is not cheap, but they can be a sound investment. With the right event staffing, even if there are no big sales on the day, a well-planned and well-executed event serves as a key touch point in the customer journey.

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