6 Guerrilla marketing activities to promote your business

Guerrilla marketing is all the rage; it involves getting out there on the streets or public spaces to promote your product or service, usually for far less money and quicker than more traditional approaches. This kind of modern, cutting-edge marketing can really make your brand stand out in today’s market and it can also save you money too. Here are six top guerrilla marketing activities that could work for you.

1. Public events

Treasure hunts, displays, flash mobs. All of these public events can be used as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign. Look for the best promotional agencies UK has in order to find staff for last-minute public events. These events can be easily captured on social media to grab more footfall as it’s happening.

2. Event ambush

Despite the name of this type of guerrilla marketing, there is no ‘true’ ambush. It basically involves piggy-backing on to an existing event (such as a concert) by turning up and handing out fliers or setting up a stall. In reality, you would, of course, ask the organisers first rather than just turn up and ambush the event! Only the best promotional agencies UK can offer staff at late notice for these sorts of events, so make sure you have a ready contact at such an agency for when you need them.


Again, in reality, you would ask permission from property owners first, but using stencil, paint, chalk and even sprays to create modern art that promotes your brand is much more attention-grabbing, faster to create and much cheaper than traditional billboards.

4. Stealth marketing

Stealth marketing uses celebrities to promote your products and services or even paid staff through their own organic social media channels.

5.Projection advertising

Projection advertising is an excellent way to create a buzz. This sort of marketing is, again, cheaper than traditional billboards and can be set up quickly and taken down straight away. Again, it’s advisable to ask the property owner’s permission first to avoid legal ramifications. Projection advertising will get snapped by the public and hopefully go viral, too.

6. Online guerrilla tactics

Despite the definition of guerrilla marketing being about public spaces, it’s now common for brands to take this tactic online When it’s online it’s all about creating a buzz for very little money. Viral videos are a great example of cheap, online guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing doesn’t have to be underhand or questionably legal, it can be carried out perfectly legally with the right permissions and executed at very low costs in comparison to normal marketing methods. It’s a great way to get a message out there fast and effectively and can be used in conjunction with viral campaigns to spread the word. If you think you will need agency staff to help with these activities, it’s worth having an established promotional agency in your phone book ready to call on at the last minute.

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