Hire a Student Marketing Agency To Generate Brand Awareness

Use a student marketing agency team to create that all-important brand awareness for your products and services.

Brand awareness marketing campaigns used to be restricted to handing out flyers at train stations and on the high street, and while this is still an effective tool, it is one of many ways we can help you generate brand awareness for your business.

Social media

One of the biggest changes brand marketing has seen over recent years is the ability to use social media to create a buzz. By creating the right environment, potential new customers can be targeted simply by positioning the brand in a way that attracts the right audience.

Whatever your business, we have the staff to help with your marketing. We are a specialist student marketing agency in the UK and our team can work with any size of business and can assist with everything from demonstrating your product, offering samples to the public, engaging people in conversation about your business and help kick start your social media campaign by creating photo opportunities and generating hashtags.

Students tend to be interested and open to new ideas and products and although they are also very brand loyal, if they are offered a freebie, they are the first to say yes and put it on their social media feeds. This then has the ability to generate even more publicity for you and your brand and gets people talking and sharing.

Well connected

We have great links with companies who organise two of the UK’s largest student events across the country. This gives us access to a large number of engaged young people all in the same place, at the same time. We have worked with many brands wanting to connect with a young audience and have been involved with many of their success stories. Young people love images, humour and hashtags and so by focusing on key social media interaction, our clients have been able to directly market their product quickly and effectively and give their brand a personality and image.

As a student marketing agency in the UK, we also work with student unions and get involved with events and fairs taking place throughout the year on campus, giving your brand even more opportunity for exposure.

We have worked with over 800 clients and represent well-known brands as well as small startup companies. We can work within your budget and offer an inclusive price package including the materials, the planning and, of course, the staff. We love what we do and feel confident we can produce results.

We have years of experience in coordinating marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients and can help with sample quantities, selecting the right location and all the logistics involved. We want to work with you to produce a successful campaign which brings results. We have the knowledge, the experience and a great team of people who want to help make your business the one everyone is talking about and the one people recognise.

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