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With so much competition in the consumer and business markets, how do you make sure your products stand out?

Promotion is an important aspect of any business and is a guaranteed way to encourage consumers to buy from you. Whether you run exhibitions, have a pop-up retail display or hand out goods on the high street, product sampling is an effective way to market your products. Customers are more likely to buy a product they have already tried.

Here are 6 things to consider before you begin your product sampling campaign:

1.      Retain the services of an experienced promotional staffing agency who offer an all-inclusive pricing platform. A professional agency will take care of the red tape. Finding space, licensing and permits, health and safety, risk assessments, branded clothing and stock levels and logistics, are all time consuming but important elements of your campaign.

2.      Consider creative ways you can capture data. This way you can record the contact details of those who take advantage of your free products. This valuable contact information can be utilised in future marketing campaigns and run alongside your next product sampling event.

3.      Make sure the agency you choose has bubbly and confident staff who will provide an above average customer experience. The staff you choose can make or break your campaign; they are usually your customer’s first point of contact. Make sure you have well selected staff who are professional and represent your business accordingly. The staff you choose must know your product, be confident talking about it and most importantly, be enthusiastic.

4.      It’s important to make sure your product reaches your target audience. Good promotional staff are proactive and make sure your product falls into the right hands. People who are approached on an ad-hoc basis may never have picked up your product from the supermarket shelf.

5.      Make questioning part of your campaign. Speaking to potential customers to receive feedback is vital, you can also use this opportunity to find out if consumers have heard of or tried your product before. This information can be documented and provided to you by your agency in a comprehensive report. Consider the kind of data you would like to receive and discuss this with the promotional staffing agency you choose.

6.      Think about the branded items you will use. For example, clothing, vehicles, gazebos and pop-up displays, product trays, bins and product storage. These supplementary items place your brand in front of your customer.

Product sampling is an effective first step towards consumer loyalty. Sampling helps a customer to better understand your product and in turn, increases the likelihood of a purchase. If a customer has received your product for free, they are more likely to buy it after trying it first.

If product sampling is something you think would benefit your business, schedule a meeting with a UK based agency and find out how they can work with you to maximise on your campaign’s success.

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