Hire Dedicated Staff to Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Brand awareness and recognition are essential in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Companies can only hope to build loyalty amongst their target customer groups if they can create a brand which meets their customers’ needs, wants and values.

With this in mind, most companies invest heavily in their branding process from end to end creating a compelling brand proposition which communicates corporate values and elements of value, trust, service, etc. Developing a visual brand which is shared consistently across all marketing channels and investing in the overall brand experience to build its equity over time.

The role of direct marketing

One of the most important channels for customer marketing is still direct marketing – even in a digital world. Whether it’s trade shows, promotional events, customer incentives, product explainers or entertainment, the right staff will make or break the occasion.

But most brands cannot maintain their own in-house team of promotional staff, which is why it makes sense for them to find direct marketing, event, and exhibition staff in London via a specialist agency. These agencies exist to provide flexible direct marketing staff to brands.

Accessing flexible promo staff

Agencies offer several benefits when it comes to accessing specialist promotional staff for a brand. For one thing, they tend to have a large number of highly trained, professional direct marketing staff on their books, who are available to work on a variety of brand activities and who have the experience and know-how to do so.

They can also cover a wide range of events, depending on your industry and customer group. For example, you might need brand representatives to man your stand at a trade event, or to deliver product explainers at a conference. You might need staff to hand out promos or to answer questions at a product launch.

Whatever you need, these brand professionals will be able to learn about your brand and your key messages quickly and effectively. This will allow them to represent your brand in the best possible way at your event and to give your customers a positive and consistent perception of your brand and its underlying offer.

To get the most from these promotional staff for your branding event, make sure you have the materials that they need to really learn about your brand and its core messages. Provide them with a professional uniform and the materials that they will need to engage with your customers. Have a point of contact on the day and treat them with the same respect and attention as you would any in-house team!

If you treat your flexible brand staff as an investment in your business – and an extension of your own team – you will see the results and a return on your investment. And your customers will be far more inclined to buy from your brand and see it as worthy of their ongoing loyalty.

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