Hire Professional Product Sampling Staff to Drive Company Sales

Skilled promotional staff create a buzz and excitement around a product by offering samples and full engagement with consumers, with the end goal of driving the all-important sales.

Product sampling campaigns help to raise awareness of not only the product, but the brand as a whole. Urging a customer to sample the food or drink is the first commitment, and if it’s a positive reaction, then this can raise the likelihood of them making a purchase either at that point or at a later date.

Putting the food and drink to the taste test

Stepping into a shop or supermarket and seeing a decorative podium with a plethora of tasty products, manned by approachable product sampling staff holding trays of free samples, ensures that we are going to put them firmly to the taste test. It could be a food item we are familiar with or an exciting new product on the market. Getting something for nothing is appealing and we are not going to turn down the opportunity. There is also the possibility that the customer will talk about the product to a friend or relative, recommending it, having tasted it first hand.

Encouraging a sample of a product close to a point-of-purchase is always a positive means of encouraging sales. Many customers who try a sample will go on to purchase the sampled product during the visit. The product remains fresh in the customer’s mind, and if they enjoyed it, chances are if they didn’t collect one at the stand to buy at the checkout, they will reach for the product in the relevant aisle. Furthermore, if their experience has been positive and memorable, they will return, perhaps during their next full shop, and buy it again.

Face-to-face marketing opportunities are essential for brands nowadays

This face-to-face marketing opportunity is priceless when it comes to the supermarket’s captive market. Brand awareness is also a goal for the companies when they put on these simple but effective experiential events. Product samples, giveaways, competitions and discounts and special offers are all elements that draw the consumer in and help cement the logo or the message in the mind of that consumer.

Product sampling campaigns can be cost effective if they lead to more sales. Energetic and engaging product sampling staff are key to the success of the product. They are the brand ambassadors, and they must be convincing, with positive encouragement. They must be affable, friendly, approachable and professional and the food or drink must appear appealing at all times.

From shopping centres to train station, from farmers’ markets to roadshows, sampling staff can boost your product and drive sales. By providing a hands-on demonstration or tasting session, you are not only increasing awareness of the brand, but in the era of social media, you can further spread the word about the product. Interaction, including word of mouth and social media engagement, can add an extra layer and give the products the all-important exposure.

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