How Brand Ambassadors Increase Sales and Brand Awareness For A Company?

So, what is a brand ambassador?

Every business needs positive publicity, people to get out in front of as many customers as possible to talk up your company and encourage people (without being too salesy) to either buy from you or try your services. This might be as simple as demonstrating or showing your products to friends and family – word of mouth, is after all gold. However, in more recent times companies have used brand ambassadors or influencers on social media to really ramp up the publicity.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with a huge social media following who by talking about or showing your products online can influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. Influencers can be anyone from celebrities, to people who have simply built their own successful brand online. Many companies ‘pay’ for their services by providing free products, services and holidays and in return, can expect to reach a massive social media audience.

The human touch

You will probably have heard the expression, ‘people buy from people’ – and while the public may be familiar with your logo, seeing it may not be enough to make them buy. An ambassador brings the human touch. With that in mind, you should always consider ‘who’ you want to represent you. Whoever you choose needs to be fully aligned with your brand values if they are to help you reach your target audience.

Customer power

If your business is already established, then tapping into your existing customer base and turning them into advocates could well be one of the savviest moves you will ever make. Nothing screams ‘buy me’ better than a loyal and happy customer. With so many sharks out there, and horror stories about bad customer service all over the internet, nothing is likelier to reassure a potential customer than a review, or face-to-face with someone that has already had an amazing customer experience from you.

Turn up the volume

With so much competition out there, and businesses increasingly going to more drastic lengths to secure each new customer, the best way to ensure that people turn to your company first, is to have lots of people batting for you. You need to infiltrate as many corners of society as possible. If your offering is one that will appeal to a wide range of people (rather than just a niche selection) then ensure that your ambassadors reflect that, by going for diversity.

Finally, remember that you are your company’s most powerful advocate – don’t just leave the promotion to your team. If you haven’t road tested your products and services for a while, do it. Then get out there and scream from the rooftops about how wonderful they are.

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