How brand ambassadors influence consumers?

Whether you are launching a new business, a new product or just looking at developing your market share, employing a team of brand ambassadors can help you to increase consumer awareness quickly and effectively.

What is a brand ambassador?

In simple terms, a brand ambassador is the public face of the brand, providing public demonstrations or offering free samples to passers-by to develop a foothold in new markets or to increase market share. This activity can take place at launch events, pop-up locations such as within town centres, or anywhere that is likely to enjoy a constant stream of potentially interested passers-by.

How can they help?

When launching a new product, one of the most important things is to let customers try it out. Whatever the product, having teams of trained brand ambassadors gaining the attention of the public in busy areas and letting them get their hands on your product can only help to spread your message.

Of course, not all products are easily sampled by consumers. Giving away a couple of hundred chocolate bars on a Saturday afternoon to potential customers is a fantastic way to trial a new line; however, this is not going to be appropriate if your product is more expensive. Brand ambassadors can help with these products by demonstrating and selling the benefits to your customer base. Whether this product is an expensive TV or other electrical appliance, a pop-up demonstration in a busy area can sow seeds in consumers’ minds and help to influence their next purchase.

Part of the sales team

Good brand ambassadors are often great salespeople. Therefore, your business should treat them as such. Whilst your sales representatives are tasked with keeping the bookings rolling in, your brand ambassadors go out into the world to sell your products to new customers, even if their names do not appear on the final invoices.

Qualities of great brand ambassadors

Great brand ambassadors are enthusiastic about the product and brand they are representing. They should be articulate and able to explain the benefits of new products to a wide audience, thereby helping to make their audience knowledgeable and empowered to consider the new product and gain new business.

Let us do the heavy lifting

By employing a team of brand ambassadors through Street PR, you can be assured that you will be using a team of motivated and well-trained personnel. Our brand ambassadors are fantastic both working with a crowd and on an individual basis and no matter what the environment, such as a busy shopping centre or a more selective event.

Our highly-trained brand ambassadors have all been through a tough selection process to ensure that only the right people can hit the streets to spread your message; what’s more, our screening programme ensures that our personnel have the right to work in the UK.

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