How can student marketing agencies attract more visitors?

When your brand wants to attract students and grow visitor numbers, there are a number of techniques that can be employed for results. In this article, we’ll detail some of the main approaches to consider for effective student marketing. If you are a student marketing agency in the UK, consider reviewing your strategy to ensure that you are incorporating the tactics below.

1. Know your customer

Create a user persona that represents your typical or ideal customer. The more you can understand the attributes of this customer, the richer your persona will be. Once you have it correct and in place you can accurately target your marketing campaigns and create content that will resonate with your audience.

2. Go digital

Your student audience will be online, so invest in your digital assets. Social media is particularly important here. Make sure your brand is active on the platforms that your target audience is using. This could be a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Create content that is both engaging and shareable, remembering that it must always add value for the reader. Don’t simply share your brand messages.

3. Think content

Content marketing is a cornerstone for every modern marketing campaign. Create compelling, engaging and relevant content and make it as shareable as possible. Host competitions, incentives, special offers and other deals to encourage visitors to come and see you. Share teasers, video tours and create taggable campaigns that increase the chance of your venue or business going viral.

4. Host events

Showcase your venue or product offering with live events. These are a great way to deliver a face to face experience that is memorable to your student customers. Have qualified and knowledgeable brand representatives on hand to really promote your brand and its offer.

5. SEO and PPC

For online traffic and visitors, combine short-term PPC advertising to drive immediate qualified leads to your website, with longer-term, organic SEO that is designed to improve your rankings for target keywords. A specialist online marketing agency can add extra expertise in this field where required.

6. Customer testimonials and reviews

Be sure to capture positive customer reviews and testimonials so that you can promote them to prospective customers. If you are a student marketing agency in the UK, then ask your client to share these so that they can be posted on key digital platforms, such as websites and review sites, as well as for print material.

7. Invest in quality print material

Print isn’t dead when it comes to showcasing a brand. Invest in good quality print with a compelling creative and excellent copy, and use these materials at events, for direct mailings and so forth.

Together, these marketing activities will help to increase visitors and leads to your brand and deliver that all-important ROI on your marketing spend.

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