How Do You Plan an Event? The Essential Skills for Event Planning

Putting an event together is far less simplistic than the view held by Alan Rickman’s character in Love Actually, “Find a venue, over order on the wine and bulk buy the guacamole.”, but the three points raised here are vital to a successful event. If you’re afraid to go it alone and don’t have the relevant expertise, there are many companies that offer event management staff in Newcastle to help make your event tick all of the right boxes.

Find a venue

The right venue for a product launch can set the tone for an event, and help it go off with a bang. An edgy tech launch party taking place in a fancy hotel wouldn’t feel the same as it being hosted in a modern art gallery, or somewhere with a bit of an edge around it. Likewise, a high-end jewellery launch should really be held in elegant surroundings so getting someone to help with venue selection is key.

Over order the wine

One of the biggest reasons companies hold launch events is to schmooze clients. Whilst this is not an excuse for a night of drunken revelry, there is an expectation that drinks will be flowing. If you’re unsure how much you should be ordering, your event management staff in Newcastle should be able to advise.

Bulk buy the guacamole

Catering a product launch event is a potential minefield. Again, clients are going to expect something to nibble on, but don’t provide a full-scale supper offering! If the purpose of your event is to network and court prospective clients, ensure that all food served is edible whilst milling around, and if possible avoid anything which needs a plate. A sporty product launch should really have something fresh and mostly healthy, rather than something deep fried. If your guests feel that they need to sit down to eat what they have been served, they are not milling around and talking to each other, or you and may be a little distracted.

Product samples

Whilst it may be counter-intuitive to be giving away product at a launch, if something can be organised to give your guests, it gives them the opportunity to use your product in the wild. If your product can’t be scaled down to a trial giveaway, ensure there are examples of the product in the space, with competent demonstrators on hand to help your potential clients get to grips with your offering.

Following Alan Rickman’s sentiments, even if not to the letter, can help your event go off successfully, hopefully making your product launch the talk of the town, leading to great success.

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