How Event Agencies in Bristol Help in Promoting Your Business

It takes time to understand new technology, but in the scramble to establish a website many businesses forget they are local, while the internet is global. If only 1% of people who find your website can do business with you, 99% of your effort is wasted. While modern businesses should keep abreast of technological opportunities, effective marketing is still targeted marketing. Nothing outperforms the personal touch.

If promoting and maintaining a website was more work than you expected, contacting potential clients and customers directly isn’t a walk in the park either. Finding your market is a challenge, and putting feet on the pavement requires a team, or several.

The Benefits of Using Event Staff Agencies in Bristol

Bristol is a big city but still only a local market by internet standards. For agencies that can mobilise human business ambassadors on your behalf, it has a great advantage in being socially diverse but geographically compact. Equipped with the right tools and experience, an agency can quickly identify your potential markets and key opportunities to contact them.

Leasing a marketing team is a bit like cloud software and data storage. Instead of committing yourself to long-term overheads, you can choose the scale and duration of the services you need and review them at any time. A modern agency provides you with the tools to evaluate the results of your marketing, retargeting and honing investment to maximise results.

Your brand ambassadors will engage with your market using well-proven methods like leafleting, flyers, sample promotions, in-store demonstration, traders’ markets, targeted lead generation, voucher schemes, press liaison and all kinds of product or application launch events. They can undertake most of the background chores associated with these activities, including things like transport logistics, diary management and poster printing.

Direct local and personal methods like these are far better than website SEO, but far from low-tech. A modern marketing team is agile, and you will be able manage your team and view market insights at any time using whichever modern technologies suit you best. Your team can also coordinate social media marketing – which is well suited for local marketing.

Above all, your marketers are human beings and there is no better face for your business than a human one.

More Customers or Wider Markets?

One of the more subtle benefits from employing specialist event staff agencies in Bristol is their pre-existing local experience and objectivity. Long-term success, or survival, depends on more factors than customer numbers alone. For example, some businesses need greater diversity to broaden their opportunities or buffer them from dips in markets they’ve become too dependent on. Experienced advice is often a less visible but enormous benefit.

Business growth will come when you stop pitching yourself to Google and pitch yourself to your customers instead.

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