How Experiential marketing allows customers to connect with a brand

What is the difference between listening to music at home and attending a concert? Why do we choose to attend live sporting events when we could watch them live on TV instead? The answer can be summed up in a single word: experience.

The opportunity to participate in an experience can be extremely visceral. It is the feelings that we experience as active participants that allows us to form more meaningful connections with people, artists and brands that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to by passively watching something happen.

The power of experiential marketing

Experiential marketing in London is so much more than promoting a particular product to a wide audience. In fact, it must be purposefully shaped to encourage audiences to actively engage with a brand, its identity, and its values.

Immersive experiences are memorable and will help you to create a lasting impression amongst your ideal audience. Whether your event is catering to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people, every individual will experience your event in a unique way. This provides you with the opportunity to ensure that your brand is the first that comes to mind when a person is thinking about the industry you operate within or the specific products/services you provide.

Experiential marketing and your business

Research suggests that almost three quarters of consumers [1] report that engaging with branded experiential marketing events boosts the chances of them going on to purchase the products or services that are being promoted. In addition to enhancing direct sales, experiential marketing is an excellent way to boost customer loyalty, introduce new customers into your sales funnel and generate additional leads.

Perhaps most notably of all, experiential marketing excels at increasing brand awareness in ways that other promotional strategies can struggle to achieve. Immersive events are particularly adept at transforming consumers into powerful brand ambassadors by encouraging participants to take to social media to share their experiences. In fact, research has found that branded experiences account for between 50% and 80% [2] of all word-of-mouth marketing activity, with participants telling an average of 17 people about their experience.

The lasting value of experiential marketing

Experiential marketing needs to deliver lasting value to audiences. Demonstrating that you understand the needs of your audience and actively want to meet those needs both now and into the future is an excellent way to communicate that your business genuinely cares. From classes and workshops to pop-up experiences and showcases, there are myriad ways to conduct powerful experiential marketing in London and engage meaningfully with audiences. The key is to choose an approach that will resonate with your ideal audience.

The delivery of extraordinary experiences is now an integral component of a strong marketing strategy. Investing time into considering how you can interact with and form meaningful connections with your audience will deliver lasting results for your brand.

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