How Helpful Is Product Sampling for Business Growth?

Distributing complimentary samples of your product is an excellent and often fun way of building customer and consumer loyalty while helping to boost your brand’s image.

With so much competition in today’s marketplace it’s essential to set your brand apart from competitors. A good way to do this is to offer customers free samples for an engaging first-hand experience. It’s surprisingly simple and it can prompt conversations about the brand among friends and work colleagues. It can even generate positive social media posts and often challenge traditional customer perceptions.

Strengthening the Brand and Making It More Competitive

Strengthening the brand is key to gaining more business, and product sampling can introduce customers to your goods in a high-impact way. Giving out free samples, especially when you use a novelty truck or camper van, or even a Segway, can turn heads and make the sampling very suited to social media posts. For example, if the product is aesthetically pleasing, it will be worthy of an Instagram photograph. Introducing new consumers to the brand ensures that this way of offering samples will make a positive and lasting first impression, and it may even kick-start a period of loyalty.

Consumers want to be immersed in an experience, as opposed to seeing the product solely on paper. Everyone likes a physical interaction or a tasting session with the product. If the initial reaction is positive there is a high chance that the customer will switch brands thanks to this experience.

Staff Can Bring Your Products to Life with Their Skills

Positive, upbeat and engaging product sampling staff can help bring your products to life with their knowledge of the brand. Creativity is key, and the more persuasive the staff are, the more likely the customer is to come away with a positive opinion. Experiential marketing is more innovative than ever, and with the rise of social media, word can spread further, faster. Well-trained and highly skilled brand ambassadors will use personal and marketing skills to demonstrate the product to potential customers. Being extremely passionate about the brand and product is an essential skill that the product sampling staff must have.

When product samples are offered to prospective customers, the business is initiating a solid relationship between the brand and the consumer. Those who have sampled products will associate the company with the engaging experience of receiving something special free of charge. Winning customers over with a tasty sample or a pretty gift means they are more likely to make a purchase. If a customer is forced to decide between two brands, with one handing out samples and the other not giving away anything for free then it’s likely they will opt for the former.

Often the use of samples to promote a brand can extend beyond the person tasting the food. Consumers who like the sample may feel inclined to spread the word to family and friends, and even urge them to post on social media.

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